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Deathtrap Gear Set – The Ultimate Trap Gear


Divine Deathtrap Gear After months of waiting, there is finally a Gear Set made specifically for traps. A full set of Divine Deathtrap Gear is full of huge defensive bonuses, and enough Troop Attack to make it hurt. This new gear is a part of the 2017 Combat Sets, which includes Vanquisher, Juggernaut, Judgment, Warlord, and Dreadnaught. Because of this, it ...

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Divine Judgment Defense Gear Set


Divine Judgment Defense Gear Divine Judgment Gear is a modern version of the basic Judgment Gear. Although the Divine form focuses heavily on Defense, it does provide a fair amount of Overpowered and Troop Attack. Divine Judgment gear also shares the same Set Leveling as Warlord Gear, just like the Juggernaut and Vanquisher sets. A full Divine Judgment Set includes: ...

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Combat Mastery Research Tree


Combat Mastery Research Combat Mastery is the latest addition to the ever-expanding Research list. This new tree unlocks billions of additional boosts, and access to a number of new bonuses. It is important to read the boost names carefully, as some only apply to certain operations. Armor Piercing 175,000% Army AP, 175,000% Troop AP, 175,000% Type AP Attack 5B% Rally Troop Attack 5B% ...

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2017 special- One Year Insignia’s


One Year Insignia Another ‘Pick Your Own’ crate has been released containing new insignia’s which are powerful enough to vanquish all of your enemies! The crate contains what the developers have called ‘One Year Insignia’s’. All of the insignia’s only have a one hour cool down. Why are they called One Year Insignia’s? I don’t really consider the developers choice ...

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Legendary Guardian 2017 Gear Sets


Guardian 2017 Gear Guardian 2017 Gear sets are the Defense versions of the Champion 2017 sets. This powerful new gear has been long awaited, replacing the outdated Siegebreaker set. Because of the focus around defensive capability, all 3 Guardian sets only provide Health and Defense bonuses. While this may seem disagreeable, it is clear that the Defense and Health far ...

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