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Deathtrap Insignias – Military, Medic, and More


Divine Deathtrap Insignias Coinciding with the release of Deathtrap Gear, Deathtrap Insignias offer new boosts extending from Nuclear Assault to Troop Defense. It is likely that these Insignias are made to fill in the Attack Boost that Deathtrap Gear is lacking, while not compromising on Defense. Command Insignia 10B% Corrosive Attack 200KT% Troop Attack, 100KT% Rally Attack 50B% Army Defense, 25B% ...

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Deathtrap Gear Set – The Ultimate Trap Gear


Divine Deathtrap Gear After months of waiting, there is finally a Gear Set made specifically for traps. A full set of Divine Deathtrap Gear is full of huge defensive bonuses, and enough Troop Attack to make it hurt. This new gear is a part of the 2017 Combat Sets, which includes Vanquisher, Juggernaut, Judgment, Warlord, and Dreadnaught. Because of this, it ...

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Divine Troop Enhancements – Nuclear Attack & More


  Divine Troop Enhancements Divine Troop Enhancements reside in the Training Grounds, and work just like all other enhancements. They are above the former Legendary Troop Enhancements, and despite being Divine share the name Legendary. However, unlike the Legendary Enhancements, Divine Enhancements bear a gold background. Divine Enhancements also offer the new Nuclear Attack: a devastating new boost that is more powerful than ...

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Divine Champion Serum and New Ingredients


Divine Champion Serum For the first time since the Biotech Lab‘s release, a new Serum is available: The Divine Champion Serum. Once active, the Champion Serum lasts for 30 days, and during that time gives the following stats: 2.5T% Overpowered Attack, 208M% Indestructible Defense, 20M% Corrosive Attack 15T% Troop Attack, 5T% Rally/CP Attack 126M% Troop Defense 25M% Troop AP 100% ...

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Annihilation, Mobilization, and Mighty Insignias


New Insignias Annihilation, Mobilization, and Mighty Insignias give boosts to all kinds of stats, with a huge amount of Troop Attack being common among all three. All three insignias come in Divine, Exalted, and Supreme. The Divine versions are 10 times as powerful as Exalted and 100 times more powerful than Supreme. *Bonus* When it was released, a Supreme Mobilization Insignia was ...

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Divine Green Mamba Augment Set


    Green Mamba Augment Set The Divine Green Mamba set is useful in any type of combat. Because of the high amount of Attack and Armor Piercing, this set proves to be extremely effective when placed on a Warlord Deadeye. Not only that, but when added to the Judgment Set’s Minigun the large number of Defense will greatly protect expensive Infinity Troops from ...

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Divine Judgment Defense Gear Set


Divine Judgment Defense Gear Divine Judgment Gear is a modern version of the basic Judgment Gear. Although the Divine form focuses heavily on Defense, it does provide a fair amount of Overpowered and Troop Attack. Divine Judgment gear also shares the same Set Leveling as Warlord Gear, just like the Juggernaut and Vanquisher sets. A full Divine Judgment Set includes: ...

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Divine, Exalted, & Supreme Conqueror Insignias


Conqueror Insignias Conqueror Insignias are the latest in the line of Insignias, exceeding the boost strength of the former Champion Insignias. Furthermore, most of the Conqueror Insignias also use the new Attack and Defense boosts. There are 6 new Insignias, all of which must be purchased in Sales. Each Insignia comes in three variations: Divine (blue background, gold handle), Exalted ...

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Divine Conqueror Mod Set (Up to Level 20)


Divine Conqueror Mod Set The Divine Conqueror Mod Set brings Mods to a whole new level, literally. Each Set consists of a Divine Conqueror Rifle, Cannon, Bazooka, and Trophy Mod. To acquire Mods of this caliber, a lot of smaller mods will need to be combined to higher levels. The good news about Divine Conqueror Mods is that they still ...

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Conqueror Augments – Piercing, Prestigious, Plated


Conqueror Augments The Conqueror Augments Sets (Conquerer in America) are the latest cutting-edge Augment Sets to date. The new sets come in four different levels of strength: Ultimate, Supreme, Exalted, and Divine. As with other sets, the Ultimate is the least powerful and easiest to acquire, whereas Divine is the best and most expensive. In addition to that, Conqueror Augments are now ...

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