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2017 special- One Year Insignia’s


One Year Insignia Another ‘Pick Your Own’ crate has been released containing new insignia’s which are powerful enough to vanquish all of your enemies! The crate contains what the developers have called ‘One Year Insignia’s’. All of the insignia’s only have a one hour cool down. Why are they called One Year Insignia’s? I don’t really consider the developers choice ...

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Huge Commander Gear and Mod Update


Striker, Tfox, Judgement, Blizzard-01, Snow Stalker Gear, Plus Much More Now Live A huge gear update for you, all the Gear, Materials and Mod data on the site should now be completely up to date. New Commander Gear Snow Stalker Gear Blizzard-01 Gear Judgement Gear Tfox Gear GR-Falcon Gear Snow Leopard Gear SCR00G3 Gear Striker Gear Cupid’s Arrow Gear And check out the ...

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