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Renew Daily Bonus Club membership on day 2

Daily rewards for renewing club membership

Renewing Daily Bonus Club membership It’s that time of the month again! Wait, maybe not the one you’re thinking of…ladies. This is the best time in the month to renew your Daily Bonus Club status, something that makes your day a lot better. The prizes for renewing are great. If you renewed on the 22nd (yesterday) you could receive day ...

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April Pick Your Own Crate unleashed


Pick Your Own Crate A new Pick Your Own Crate has been released by Mobile Strike developers recently. There are three possible items you can pick one from: Control Point Insignia II – 50,000% bonus troop attack and health during a rally and at the control point Fortify Master Insignia – 2,500% boost to troop defence and health Titanium Frame ...

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New building- the Graveyard


The Graveyard                 The purpose of the graveyard is to grant additional combat boosts of up to (at level 20): 250,000% army attack 400,000% army rally and control point health 1000% piercing for infantry, tactical and armored vehicle troops As you upgrade the building, the combat boosts granted for army attack, rally and ...

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New rural building boosts


Rural building boosts You are now able to use rural building modifiers to gain rural building boosts. These boosts increase your overall army attack, control point health and rally health. The maximum boosts you can gain to each of these stats is 425,000%, with maximum boosts on all rural buildings. By increasing the boost level of all of your rural buildings, you can ...

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VIP level 140

Being able to use multiple speedups per click is the main selling point of this vip level

VIP level 140 Recently higher levels of VIP have been released, up to the new maximum of VIP level 140.                 As you can see, the biggest boosts will benefit bigger players who attack often- increased attack, and massively increased army health and defense at the control point. For traps and smaller players, ...

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Rebel Tactics – New Research Tree


Rebel Tactics Research A new research tree has been introduced to the game, called the Rebel Tactics tree. You can find it with all the other research, in the research facility. The lower levels of the tree are cheap so most players will be able to access it. It costs no specialist restricted research files- only regular research files are required. It ...

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Level 10 Rebel Targets


Level 10 Rebel Targets Recently, developers introduced a new top level of rebel target, level 10. These rebel targets spawn in the control point forest, so keep in mind your shield will drop if you teleport near one to attack it. New gear was released concurrently to assist with defeating them, seen below.   New Gear sets (all stats when ...

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New Building Levels -Headquarters Level Raised to 26


Introducing Headquarters 23 to 26 The cap for the level of all buildings (inside and outside the wire/wall) has now been increased to level 26. This is a significant increase from the previous level cap of 22, which lasted for months. It is estimated that it will be at least three months before the cap is raised, but likely longer, as ...

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The Updated Ultimate Guide to Insignias in Mobile Strike

An example of a player with 3 insginias equipped

Re-introducing Insignias The monument building was released a while back, and as insignias continue to be released, a refresher seemed prudent. Insignias have been brought back to the forefront of action with the recent game update which let the monument be upgraded to level 2. If you are able to upgrade it to level 2, you will be able to place ...

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Daily Bonus Club State Boosts- An Overview


Daily Bonus Club Demo For any player recently logging into the game, you would have definitely spotted some new state boosts. They are courtesy of the game developers and are not permanent, but rather a trial of the boosts Daily Bonus Club members receive while in the DBC state.                   A quick ...

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