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Introducing Daily Milestone Challenges


Daily Milestone Challenges The game developers recently introduced two new Daily Milestone Challenge events- one for you, and one for your alliance. We would highly recommend completing them because they do not take much time or cost a lot to complete, and they offer awesome rewards.   Individual Daily Milestone Challenge So far, developers have only shown three variations of the challenge: 1-  Shooting gallery ...

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Understanding the Theory of Trap Accounts – A Guide


What is a trap account? A Guide to Trap Accounts in Mobile Strike – Part 1 Before we delve into a guide about the actual set-up of a trap account, we should first go over the actual strategy and premise of them. What makes a Mobile Strike account a “trap”? What characteristics do these accounts have in common with each other, ...

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Gathering Resources in Mobile Strike


All About Resource Gathering in Mobile Strike It’s true that you reap what you sow in all situations of life, and this principle can definitely be applied to Mobile Strike. This article will show you all the different ways of gathering resources in Mobile Strike currently. Here are the methods: 1.Opening resource packs This is more of a short-term solution, ...

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