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Independence Day Buildings


Independence Day Buildings Similar to Memorial Day Buildings, Independence Day Buildings are the upgraded version of certain unique structures. All Independence Day Buildings require Daily Milestone Resources and Keys to upgrade. Keys are sold in Sales, and each bears the name of the building it is used for (i.e Key to the Vault.) In the case of the Black Market, Mobile Ops, ...

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Memorial Day Buildings & Atomic Speedup Factory


Memorial Day Buildings Memorial Day Buildings commemorate Memorial Day 2017. While there are no new buildings, the term applies to the level 30 versions of of the Biotech Lab, Arsenal, Combat Lab, Graveyard, and Covert Ops Center. Although it is not a part of the Memorial Day Buildings, the new Atomic Speedup Factory is also here. Listed below are the ...

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Guide to the Speedup Factory


The Speedup Factory The Speedup Factory will allow you to consolidate your smaller speed ups into larger speedups. It’s quite simple: you piece together the required amount of speedups to “invest” to put towards a larger speedup. After a short while, the factory will produce a much larger and more valuable speedup! At level 10, the factory requires anywhere from ...

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