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Divine Troop Enhancements – Nuclear Attack & More


  Divine Troop Enhancements Divine Troop Enhancements reside in the Training Grounds, and work just like all other enhancements. They are above the former Legendary Troop Enhancements, and despite being Divine share the name Legendary. However, unlike the Legendary Enhancements, Divine Enhancements bear a gold background. Divine Enhancements also offer the new Nuclear Attack: a devastating new boost that is more powerful than ...

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Troop Enhancements – Armor, Supplies, Weaponry


Troop Enhancements Located in the Training Grounds, The Troop Enhancement Tab is very similar to the Mobile Ops Stat Shop. This section displays the progress in all 9 enhancements, as well as the current Troop Enhancement Credit Balance. The Enhancements are divided into three categories: Weaponry, Supplies, and Armor. Weaponry (Red) improves Attack and Armor Piercing. Further, Armor (Blue) provides a small ...

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Headquarters Level 30 & Silent Exalted Architect Set


Headquarters Level 30 Headquarters Level 30 opens up a brand new range of upgrades for all base buildings, allowing for greater combat efficiency and power. As the strength of buildings increases, so do their capabilities, and therefore their usefulness to the player. A wonderful feature of the Level 26-30 building upgrades is that they require Cement Pillars instead of Resources. ...

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