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Tier 8 Infinity Troops and Divine Jungle Training Gear


Infinity Troops Infinity Troops is the designated name for the 12 Troops and 9 Traps that make up Tier 8. Tier 8 troops and traps are stronger than the former Tier 7 Omega Troops, but come at a much higher cost. Training T8 units requires Daily Milestone Resources, and in addition to being more expensive to train, a single Infinity Troop consumes 15,000 Wooden Crates ...

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Tier 7 Omega Troops and Traps


Omega Troops A new Tier of advanced units has emerged from the jungle (or forest?) trees into the scorched Desert. Omega Troops are covered in green camouflage and jungle underbrush, allowing them to conduct covert operations quickly and effectively in a tropical environment. Despite the fact that we fight in a barren wasteland, and that the past 2 tiers of ...

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2017 special- One Year Insignia’s


One Year Insignia Another ‘Pick Your Own’ crate has been released containing new insignia’s which are powerful enough to vanquish all of your enemies! The crate contains what the developers have called ‘One Year Insignia’s’. All of the insignia’s only have a one hour cool down. Why are they called One Year Insignia’s? I don’t really consider the developers choice ...

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April Pick Your Own Crate unleashed


Pick Your Own Crate A new Pick Your Own Crate has been released by Mobile Strike developers recently. There are three possible items you can pick one from: Control Point Insignia II – 50,000% bonus troop attack and health during a rally and at the control point Fortify Master Insignia – 2,500% boost to troop defence and health Titanium Frame ...

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Guide to Training Troops in Mobile Strike


How to Efficiently Train Troops in Mobile Strike Troops are an important part of Mobile Strike. Mobile Strike is fundamentally a game about combat and combat requires troops. Because of the way that the combat math works, it is basically true to say that you can never have enough troops. There is a safety in numbers effect so that the more troops ...

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