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VIP 240 – Additional Boosts and Set Gear Leveling


VIP 240 Although there are not very many, the Defense boosts that VIP 210-240 gives are well above average. The new levels also offer the new Nuclear Assault, a very powerful boost that is similar to Nuclear Attack. Not only that, but Level 210 unlocks a new feature: +10 Set Gear Leveling. This perk allows the user to add 10 Set ...

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VIP 200 – VIP Insignia Presets


VIP 200 A massive jump from the former VIP 170 levels, VIP 200 offers a massive increase in benefits, as well as the ability to unlock Insignia Presets. In addition to the usual boosts, VIP 200 levels give Corrosive Attack, Overpowered Attack, and Indestructible Defense. From VIP 170, about 30MTT (yes, million-trillion-trillion) VIP points are needed to reach VIP 200. Points ...

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VIP 170 – Free Rallies and Express Queues


VIP 170 VIP 170 (Tier 16) offers a major upgrade from the former VIP 160. Apart from being extremely expensive, these new levels are mostly focused around saving time, as well as and Rally and CP combat boosts. As you may have noticed in-game, VIP 171-200 shows up as available, however, it is likely the levels are only there as ...

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VIP 130 – Building Boosts and Extra Stats


VIP 130 – VIP Tier 12 VIP 120-130 offer two new building utilities, as well as a bountiful number of stats for rallies and other types of combat. While the new VIP does offer many other benefits, only the most notable improvements are listed. One Click Building Boost – Level 123 of VIP unlocks the Instant XP Level button, which does ...

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VIP 100 – VIP Tier 9


VIP 100 Is Now Available As the one year anniversary celebration comes to a close, Mobile Strike has released its newest feature- VIP 100. Who says VIP is useless? Below are all of the ground-breaking benefits that come along with it. Benefits of VIP 100 Instant Core Manufacturing – Instant Core Manufacturing does exactly what it says, utilizing this perk will instantly manufacture your ...

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Guide to VIP (and VIP Prestige)


VIP (and VIP Prestige) in Mobile Strike Update: The Latest Data for VIP Points Per Level and The Benefits of Each can be found on our VIP data page. Activating VIP in Mobile Strike grants you a number of benefits. At low VIP levels the benefits are quite modest, but at higher levels it can be a real boost to ...

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