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Deathtrap Gear Set – The Ultimate Trap Gear


Divine Deathtrap Gear After months of waiting, there is finally a Gear Set made specifically for traps. A full set of Divine Deathtrap Gear is full of huge defensive bonuses, and enough Troop Attack to make it hurt. This new gear is a part of the 2017 Combat Sets, which includes Vanquisher, Juggernaut, Judgment, Warlord, and Dreadnaught. Because of this, it ...

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Divine Warlord Laser Mines


   Warlord Laser Mines Much like Juggernaut Medals, Warlord Laser Mines are accessories that last temporarily and share the same set leveling as their “gear set.” While not technically cores, they have a limited duration of 31 minutes once equipped. This is an extremely short period of time for their cost, so it would be wise to think ahead before ...

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Warlord Gear Sets and Level 20 Conqueror Mods


  Warlord Gear Sets Warlord Gear Sets offer huge boosts made to devastate rivals. This gear is designed specifically for attack, and delivers huge Attack and AP boosts. Warlord sets also grant a massive amount of Rally/CP and Mobile Trap Health, making them versatile enough for use in both Solos and Rallies. Although Warlord Gear is a more powerful set than Juggernaut Gear, ...

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Tier 7 Omega Troops and Traps


Omega Troops A new Tier of advanced units has emerged from the jungle (or forest?) trees into the scorched Desert. Omega Troops are covered in green camouflage and jungle underbrush, allowing them to conduct covert operations quickly and effectively in a tropical environment. Despite the fact that we fight in a barren wasteland, and that the past 2 tiers of ...

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Victorious Titles And Dishonored Noobs


Victorious Titles If you are familiar with the control point, have friends in high places, or spend time in chat, you have more than likely  encountered a player bearing a Title. Titles are unique “tags” that are displayed in chat and over the base. Each Title offers varied benefits, whether a boost or a debuff. To be able to assign ...

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