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Mobile Strike Guide – Tier 5 Future Troops

Future Troops – Tier 5 Soldiers


Tier 5 soldiers, codenamed “Future Troops,” are the new highest tier of troops ready for battle. This elite detachment is comprised of Strikers, Hunters, Wraiths, and Rocket Barrage. Additionally, these Tier 5 troops are accompanied by a fresh set of traps. Energy Fields, Plasma Mines, and Control Towers will now assist in fortifying your wall.



In order to obtain these powerful units, one must first complete the prerequisite tasks. First and foremost, Tier 4 units will need to be researched. Once they are available, a level 16 Troop Academy is required as well as Future Soldier Files. Per usual, Future Soldier Files and the items needed for the Troop Academy can solely be found in sales. Upon retrieving the files, Future Soldiers will now be available for unlock.

The extended combat research tree now provides Future Soldier research; however there is something strange about these new additions. Unlike any other research, there are no speedup or resource costs for any of them, just Future Soldier files. Odd as it may be, this is certainly not a bad thing! The supplemental research to the Future Troops not only lowers their resource cost, but also enhances the combat ability of all other units.

For more info on the research requirements see here.


On top of new units, Future Soldier chat avatars and Wraith marches with colored trails are now operational.



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