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Time to T4 Calculator

This tool calculates how far away you are from unlocking T4 Troops in Mobile Strike. There is a basic and advanced version depending on how much detail you want to enter. You also have the option of entering the contents of the gold packages currently available and it will convert it into an amount in pounds or dollars.

For most people it is upgrading of the War Room, Prison and Death Row buildings that determines how much unlocking T4 costs. The Basic Tool just focusses on these.

Current Gold Contents of a full priced Gold Package

Current Inventory

Enter what you currently own


The Advanced Tool, in addition to the core buildings, this looks at all your research and buildings to tell you everything you need to unlock T4 troops.

Current Contents of a full priced Gold Package

Current Boosts

Current Supplies

Enter what you currently own



Combat Research

Economics Research

  • SouthCoast

    quick little addition that would be cool, the total cost for the gold items needed, tactical manuals, golden bullets, golden cuffs and golden hammers. would make it a little bit more clear! great job though nice site very helpful

  • Profchaos

    Is there a more advanced calculator ? Where you can put in which buildings need to be upgraded still as well as how much research is left ? Trying to determine how much gold and speed ups I need to make the big jump. Thanks in advance

    • Profchaos

      Never mind I found it , thought that was for advanced troops

  • Kmor

    Research time is broken >.< shows 0

    • Thanks, should be fixed now

  • sloejack

    Is it know what the Alliance help factor is on research/build times? If so, can that be added as supplemental info?

    • Hi, thats a good idea. For now just take 1% off of the total build/research time for every Alliance help you have.

  • Guy

    This doesn’t factor in any research time. Everytime I do it, it always says zero days for research time remaining. Broken calculator.

    • Thanks – should be working now

      • Guy

        Wow fast response time! Thanks for the fix. Knowing that it gets updated quick and often, I’ll be recommending this site to people.

        • Thanks Guy. The goal is to be the site with the most comprehensive, up-to-date data and tools and hopefully we can live up to that challenge!