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Troop Enhancements – Armor, Supplies, Weaponry

Troop Enhancements


Located in the Training Grounds, The Troop Enhancement Tab is very similar to the Mobile Ops Stat Shop. This section displays the progress in all 9 enhancements, as well as the current Troop Enhancement Credit Balance. The Enhancements are divided into three categories: Weaponry, Supplies, and Armor. Weaponry (Red) improves Attack and Armor Piercing. Further, Armor (Blue) provides a small amount of Attack along with Defense, Combat Shielding, and Health. Finally, Supplies (Green) offers the valuable Resilience boost, in addition to a large number of Training/Promotion and Deployment Speed boosts.

Level Up


All Troop Enhancements consist of 10 Ranks, and each rank is made up of 10 levels for a total of 100 levels. With every Level Up a Rank increases by one level. When all 10 levels in a Rank are complete, the button changes to say Rank Up instead of Level Up. This action will also cost credits, but raises the Rank level by one. Afterwards, 10 more level ups are required before the next Rank Up. Although the max boost value for an Enhancement is only given at Max Level, each level up raises the current percentage of that given.


In the place of credits, special Items can instantly upgrade Ranks/Levels at no cost. These items, along with Credits, are found in Sales and Troop Enhancement Mystery Crates. When acquired, these Items are placed in the Special tab of your inventory. It is highly advised that these Items be held onto until the later levels/ranks, as those are more credit expensive.

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