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Guide to Training Troops in Mobile Strike


How to Efficiently Train Troops in Mobile Strike

Troops are an important part of Mobile Strike. Mobile Strike is fundamentally a game about combat and combat requires troops. Because of the way that the combat math works, it is basically true to say that you can never have enough troops. There is a safety in numbers effect so that the more troops you have, the fewer that you will lose. Once you accept that you will be training a lot of troops in Mobile Strike, then it’s worth investing the time to learn how to do it efficiently.

This guide will cover the key concepts that you need to know in order to train troops as effectively as possible.

Rule 1 – Always be Training Troops

This is probably the most important rule. Time is one of the most valuable resources in Mobile Strike and in order to make full use of it, you always need to be training. This means knowing when your Training Ground queue will finish so that you can log back on to re-start it. The exception to this is very early on in the game when you don’t have enough resources and have to choose between training, construction and research (hint: always choose the one the most benefits your economy, which normally means research or construction). Later on, if you do run out of resources then ask your alliance to help you out. Any good alliance should appreciate how important it is to keep the training queue full and send some resources your way. Similarly, help your teammates when they need resources for troops.

Rule 2 – Focus on Troop Training Speed Boost

Troop Training II is the holy grail for Troop Training
Troop Training II is the holy grail for Troop Training

Troop training speed is one of the most important economic boosts. It can save you a ton of speed ups in the long run and give you a huge troop advantage over your competition. There currently isn’t any gear that boosts Troop Training Speed (but keep checking in here for if/when some if released), but the Troop Training I and Troop Training II Commander Skills give you a huge boost. Outside of combat scenarios you should always have these maxed out as soon as you are able to. The other way of boosting Troop Training is through building and upgrading banks. A common city set-up is to have around 5 banks – this will give you a nice Coin income as well as a 125% troop training speed boost when you get them up to level 21.

Rule 2 – Make Sure your Training Ground Queue is long Enough to Make it Through the Night

A 5 minute training queue is only long enough for a cat-nap
A 5 minute training queue is only long enough for a cat-nap

Some people  set an alarm to restart their Training Ground queue when it ends in the middle of the night.  Whilst this works for some people, most of you would prefer a good night’s sleep so focus on getting your queue to be at least 8 hours long (or however long you sleep for).  You can achieve this either through upgrading your Training Grounds or by building more Training Grounds.  You may also need to use a small speed-up or two to get things working efficiently. E.g. it’s better to use a 60 min speed-up to finish and restart a new 8-hour queue then to let your queue finish 4 hours before you wake.

Rule 3 – Make sure your Troop Training Queue is long enough to allow you to use Speed Ups Efficiently

Try not to buy small speed-ups with gold
Try not to buy small speed-ups with gold

After making sure your queue is long enough to make it through the night, your next goal is to get it long enough to make efficient use of speed ups. If you are using 8 hours speed-ups on a 6-hour queue then that is clearly quite wasteful. Additionally, the bigger  speed ups are much more efficient from a gold point of view. For example an 8-hour speed up costs around 80 gold per hour but a 3-day speed up only costs around 60 gold per hour. If you have a quick look at this table:

Speed-up Efficiency (gold per hour):

Gold Cost Gold per Hour
1 minute 5 300
15 minute 70 280
60 minute 130 130
3-hour speed 300 100
8 hour speed up 650 81
15 hour speed up 1000 67
24 hour speed up 1500 63
3 day speed up 4400 61

You can see that the smaller speed-ups are very gold inefficient. Therefore, if you are going to be spending gold on training troops then try to get your queue to at least 15 hours as this is only slightly less efficient than a 3-day speed up. To be able to use these then you clearly need your troop training queue to be at least 15 hours long.

The other point to mention is that as you increase your troop training speed, your queue time will drop. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid increasing troop training speed, but do be mindful that you will have to keep upgrading your Training Grounds as you grow.

Long-term, 2 x level 21 Training Grounds should be sufficient to make use of 3-days speed ups when training Tier 3 troops, but until you get there you will often need at least 3 Training Grounds.

Rule 4 – Try to avoid Speed Training Troops until you have your Economy Nicely Optimized

It might be tempting to blast out troops as quickly as you can but it will pay dividends to make sure you have steps 1 to 3 set-up before you do. Saving your gold until you have things nice and efficient will mean you get a lot more troops and power for your buck and let you overtake your competition who spend their gold wastefully. Ideally, you will have at least:

  • Troop Training 1 and 2 fully maxed out in your Commander Skills
  • A 15 hour troop training queue to let you use efficient 15 hour speed ups
  • A good number of Banks nicely upgraded for some extra training boost

Rule 5 – Do Troop Training in Batches to Win Challenge Prizes

Whilst it is important to keep your training queue full, don’t be tempted to blast out a bunch of training at random times. Always time them with a good set of Basic, Extreme, State and Alliance Challenges where possible to maximise your rewards. Sometimes you will even win enough to fully re-pay the cost of the training!

Some Common Questions

What happens when I run out of food? Do my troops die?

No they don’t. Nearly all big bases have 0 food and there are no consequences to running out of food.

Should I build farms and focus on Food Production to make sure I have enough food?

In short, no. It is a losing battle. Just accept that eventually you will get to the point where your troops are eating so much food that it becomes impossible to stay in surplus. You will have to rely on crates/items, farming as well as alliance members to get the food you need.  Having a seperate account focussed on producing food is also another good idea. It can send your main account food through the Trading Post as and when it needs some.

How Many Troops Should I Have?

The short answer is as many as possible.  Although to be more specific, your first aim should be to have enough troops to fill a whole deployment. The amount of troops you can have in a single deployment depends on your HQ level, but it maxes out at 250k at HQ level 21 (375k with a 50% deployment size boost). This should be your first target as there is a safety in numbers effect so attacking with the maximum number of troops will mean you lose fewer troops. Your second aim is to have enough troops to fill a deployment with one troop type. If you have a balanced number of troops then this means a total of 1.1m troops (375k of each troop type)After this point, additional troops will not make you any better at attacking (except as replacements for the ones that die).

When defending it is quite simple – the more troops the better!

The exception to all of this is if you are running a trap account (i.e. an account design to keep your power artificially low in order to trick people into attacking you). This is a much more complex affair but you might decide to stop training troops to try to keep your power low.


In summary, it takes a bit of time to get your base and economy set up to efficiently train troops. You need to think about your city layout, your commander skills and your timings. It is well worth the effort though, troops are expensive and in order to be competitive (without spending a ton of money) you need to make exceptionally efficient use of your resources (which includes time!).

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