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Ultimate Troops and Master Beret Gear

Ultimate Troops


Tier 6 Troops, AKA Ultimate Troops, are far superior to the venerable Future Troops. These new units are available as any type, from Trap to Mercenary. Units vary in size and shape, from advanced tanks to elite soldiers. Since there is now Advanced and Mercenary Tier 6 Artillery, the gaps from T1-5 needed to be filled. Tier 1-5 Advanced and Mercenary Artillery can be procured through their respective Ultimate Combat research.

New Recruits


New Ultimate units are listed below, and Tier 1-5 Advanced and Mercenary Artillery are included. While they do not technically qualify as “Ultimate Troops,” their research is found in the Ultimate Combat Tree.

Normal Traps: Energy Barrier, Heli Drone, Defense System

Advanced Traps: Proximity Mine, Destroyer Turret, Guardian Turret

Mercenary Traps: Titan Turret, Seeker Mine, Chaos Cannon

Normal Troops: Immortal, Assassin, Banshee, Goliath

Advanced Troops: Pathfinder, Predator, Reaper, Missile Artillery

Mercenary Troops: Warden, Rogue, Decimator, Infinity Cannon

Advanced Artillery: Heavy Ordnance, Heavy Artillery, Ballistic Missile, Missile System, Ion Cannon

Mercenary Artillery: Field Gun, Assault Cannon, Cruise Missile, Rocket Storm, Laser Artillery

Ultimate Combat Research


With everything in Mobile Strike, research is crucial. Ultimate Combat Research grants many advanced benefits and units. Research varies from Combat boosts, to Resource Reduction, and new units.When researching in the Ultimate Combat tree, there is demand for Ultimate Combat Manuals, an exclusive sale item. Advanced Artillery and Mercenary Artillery research unlock new Tier 1-5 Artillery troops for their respective class. On top of those, Ultimate Combat Research provides an immense number of boosts and benefits, the most important of which are listed below.

Combat Boosts (In Total): 650,000% Attack Stats, 35,000% Total Health Stats, 23,000% Total Defense Stats, 10,000% Total Accuracy Stats, 4,000% Total Armor Piercing Stats; 200,000% Total Trap Attack Stats, 15,000% Total Trap Health Stats, 10,000% Total Trap Defense Stats; 500,000% Rally and Control Point Health, 250,000% Rally and Control Point Health, 150,000% Rally and Control Point Attack.

Combat Benefits: 50M Max Rally Deployment Size, 10M Max Solo Deployment Size, 10M Max Trap Rally Size, 2M Max Trap Solo Deployment Size, 15M Max Trap Capacity.

Utility Benefits: 30% Resource Training Cost Reduction (Infantry, Tactical, Armored, Trap), 200% Deployment Sabotage Debuff.

Master Beret Training Gear


Master Beret Gear is comprised of the Master Beret, Master Beret’s Vest, Master Beret’s Boosts, Master Beret’s Breacher, and Master Beret’s Knife. This set provides: 940% Training Speed, 1.5M Total Troop Queue, 2.5M T1 Troop Queue, 2M T2 Troop Queue, 1.5M T3 Troop Queue, 1M T4 Troop Queue, 500,000 T5 Troop Queue.

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