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Unlocking T4 Troops Requirements


How to Unlock Tier 4 Troops in Mobile Strike

T4 troops are the most powerful troops in Mobile Strike. Comprised of Demolitions (Infantry), Delta (Tactical), Tank (Armored Vehicle) and Rocket Artillery (Artillery), they are collectively 50% stronger than Tier 3 troops and 4.5 times stronger than Tier 1. (See Troop and Traps for more data on them and the article on troop tier comparisons for more info)

However, unlocking them can be a slow and expensive journey.

For a new account, the total time and costs is 620,000 gold , 8,500 days of research and construction and 650 million silver. In theory it is possible to unlock them without spending any money but as things stand this would take an incredibly long time and you would have to be in a large, generous alliance.

You can use the time to T4 calculator to calculate the total for you based on how much building and research you have already completed and your current inventory.

Now let’s look at the specific requirements:

Research Required to Unlock T4

Looking in the combat research tree where T4 troops are unlocked you can see the research prerequisites. It isn’t entirely clear from this screen but there is a complicated web of requirements. In short you need :

  • Everything in the Combat tree researched to level 10
  • Everything in the Economics Tree researched to level 10

You may also notice that many of the researches require a level 21 Reseach Facility. This is where it starts to get very expensive.

Demolitions T4 Unlock

Buildings and Construction Required to unlock T4

The level 21 Research Facility upgrade requires one each of ever building to be upgraded to level 21 first. (Except for the Gold Mine).

Each of these needs a Master’s Hammer costing 2,000 gold each.

If this wasn’t difficult enough, the next challenge is upgrading the Prison, War Room and Death Row. Each of these requires 20,000 special items (Tactical Manuals, Golden Bullets, Golden Cuffs) which cost at least 10 gold each. The total gold required to build these is 600,000. There are ways you get these without spending money but getting 60,000 would take a very long time. Realistically, the only way to get to this total is to buy them. (They can also be gifted to you at 15g each).

Golden Cuffs Costs for T4


So in summary it is quite a sizable task. Not every will make it that far – it takes time and commitment (and likely a fair bit of money). But if you can get there before others in your kingdom it will certainly give you a sizeable combat advantage.

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  • Rebel

    To unlock Demolitions, do you have to have tactical attack, tac defense, armored veh attack, and armored defense maxed at level 10?

    Or can you unlock them with just the infantry and artillery researches maxed?

    • Hi, yes, everything has to be done

      • Rebel

        I found that you can unlock Demolitions without having Tactical Attack/Defense and Armored Vehicle Attack/Defense maxed at 10. But you have to have everything else in the combat tree maxed. Thanks, your website is very helpful and comes in handy sometimes.