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Vanquisher Augment Sets and Crates


Vanquisher Augment Sets

Vanquisher Augment Sets are unrivaled, mixing boosts to form a deadly combination of Attack, Defense, and CP/Rally Health. These new Augments are available for purchase through sales, in full or partial sets, along with Vanquisher Augment Mystery Crates and Collectibles. Mystery Crates have a chance to give Vanquisher Augments of any quality, as well as Collectibles that can be exchanged in the Armory.

divine-vanquisher-augmentDivine Vanquisher Set

  • 1.5T% Attack
  • 1.5T% Rally/CP Health
  • 750B% Rally/CP Trap Health
  • 30M% Defense
  • 9M% AP
  • (Most powerful)

exalted-vanquisher-augmentExalted Vanquisher Set

  • 1T% Attack
  • 1T% Rally/CP Health
  • 500B% Rally/CP Trap Health
  • 20M% Defense
  • 6M% AP
  • (2/3 strength of Divine)

supreme-vanquisher-augmentSupreme Vanquisher Set

  • 500B% Attack
  • 500B% Rally/CP Health
  • 250B% Rally/CP Trap Health
  • 10M% Defense
  • 3M% AP
  • (1/3 strength of Divine)

ultimate-vanquisher-augmentUltimate Vanquisher Set

  • 250B% Attack
  • 300B% Rally/CP Health
  • 150B% Rally/CP Trap Health
  • 5M% Defense
  • 1.5M% AP
  • (Not worth acquiring)

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