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VIP 150 – Commander Skills Preset

VIP 150


VIP 141-150 (Tier 14) provides a competitive edge to the bearer, adding in several millions of combat stats, as well as the new Commander Skills Preset and Use 1,000x Speedups. It is important to note that all non-combat benefits are available at level 146. However, level 150 is necessary to attain the maximum combat bonuses. All perks of VIP 150 are below:

  • Combat Stats – 50,000,000% Rally/CP Troop Health, 37,000,000% Troop Attack, 20,000,000% Rally/CP Trap Health, 5,000% Army Defense, 5,000% Type Defense, 5,000% Troop Defense, 2,500% Triple Armor Piercing (For Army, Type, Troop.)
  • Use Multiple Speedups – At level 146, up to 1,000 speedups may be used to cut down timers. This is a major increase compared to Use 19 Speedups at level 145. At 146, this bonus then also extends to trap building.
  • Commander Skills Preset – Similar to the Gear Preset, Commander Skills Preset allows for different variations of Commander Skills to be preset and swapped at a moment’s notice. This is done by entering the skill tree and pressing the appropriate button. An efficient way of utilizing Skill Presets is to clear up space in Gear Preset slots. If the user has two Gear Presets with the same gear set but different skills on each, these can be consolidated into one Gear Preset. The skills are then further organized into two Skill Presets. Keep in mind, while this proves to be more practical, it is not nearly as fast. As of level 150, only 5 Skills Preset slots are available.

XP cost, Prestige info, and other data on VIP 150 are found in the VIP Guide.

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