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VIP 170 – Free Rallies and Express Queues


VIP 170

VIP 170 (Tier 16) offers a major upgrade from the former VIP 160. Apart from being extremely expensive, these new levels are mostly focused around saving time, as well as and Rally and CP combat boosts. As you may have noticed in-game, VIP 171-200 shows up as available, however, it is likely the levels are only there as placeholders, because they are far too expensive to be achieved (1MTT VIP points/level).

Use Multiple Speedups (Levels 164, 167, 170) – Starting at level 164, up to 10,000 speedups can be applied at once. This rises to 25,000 at level 167, and finally 50,000 at VIP 170.

Queue Express (Level 164) – This feature bypasses having to go to the Deployment screen to VIP Queue troops to a Rally. Simply use the VIP Queue button that becomes available in the Alliance War panel.

Rally Express (Level 167) – When the Rally leader has this bonus, the final confirmation popup to join the rally is removed for all members.

Free Rallies (Level 167) – Troops are far from cheap… and Free Rallies does nothing to help that. However, it does remove the 25 gold cost of War Commissions to join your rallies. Similar to Rally Express, this bonus must be held by the rally leader and is available to all rally members.

CP Reinforce (Level 170) – While the Control Point is under Alliance control, the Alliance Leader can choose a preset for reinforcements to be VIP Queued. This can be done by selecting the Control Point and choosing a Deployment Preset.

Additional Boosts at VIP 170 –

  • Attack: 20B% Troop Attack
  • AP: 200,000% Triple Armor Piercing
  • Defense: 1M% Triple Defense
  • Combat Shielding: 10B% CP/Rally Combat Shielding, 10B% Troop/Rally Base Combat Shielding
  • Health: 50B% CP/Rally Troop Health, 50B% Outpost/Raiding Health, 20B% Mobile Trap Health

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