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VIP 200 – VIP Insignia Presets


VIP 200

A massive jump from the former VIP 170 levels, VIP 200 offers a massive increase in benefits, as well as the ability to unlock Insignia Presets. In addition to the usual boosts, VIP 200 levels give Corrosive Attack, Overpowered Attack, and Indestructible Defense.

From VIP 170, about 30MTT (yes, million-trillion-trillion) VIP points are needed to reach VIP 200. Points may be purchased in sales or won in Challenges.

Additional boosts at level 200:

  • 500B% Overpowered Attack, 20M% Indestructible Defense, 10M% Corrosive Attack (Note that these 3 are added at level 200, and are not partially given in lower levels like other boosts)
  • 20T% Troop Attack
  • 110M% Triple Defense (110M% Army Defense, 110M% Troop Defense, 110M% Type Defense)
  • 60M% Troop AP, 30M% Army AP, 30M% Type AP
  • 2.1T% Combat Shielding (Rally Shielding for Base, Troop Shielding for Base, CP/Rally Shielding, and CP Holding Shielding)
  • 60T% Rally/CP Health, 60T% Outpost Troop Health, 60T% Outpost Raiding Troop Health, 30T% Mobile Trap Health


Insignia Presets

Insignia Presets are similar to all other types of presets, and allow the user to equip and switch Insignias with ease. Presets unlock at VIP level 183, and at this time up to 2 Insignia Presets may be set.

To set a preset, open the Insignia Presets tab and press Edit Presets, then choose a slot to edit. The amount of equipable Insignias is dependent on the number the Monument can hold. Fill the slots, and then exit to save.

In order to equip a preset, select one in the Insignia Presets tab. This action removes all Insignias currently on the monument, with all active insignias going into cooldown. While using a Preset equips Insignias, it does not activate them. As a result, unlocking Insignia Presets also adds an Activate All button at the bottom of the Monument screen, which turns on all equipped Insignias at once.

Check out the VIP Page for individual point costs and level benefits!

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