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Warlord Gear Sets and Level 20 Conqueror Mods


Warlord Gear Sets

Warlord Gear Sets offer huge boosts made to devastate rivals. This gear is designed specifically for attack, and delivers huge Attack and AP boosts. Warlord sets also grant a massive amount of Rally/CP and Mobile Trap Health, making them versatile enough for use in both Solos and Rallies.

Although Warlord Gear is a more powerful set than Juggernaut Gear, this does not mean you will need to start over with Set Gear Leveling. All Warlord Gear sets, like Juggernaut Medals, share the same Gear Level as Juggernaut Gear. Despite this, the new gear will still need to be enhanced to level 25. A full Warlord set is comprised of: Warlord Mask, Shroud, Boots, Deadeye, and 3 Warlord Blades.

Gear Stats

While the Armory shows that 4 sets can be manufactured, there are in fact 6 types of Warlord Gear. Each set provides about 1.5 to 2 times the boosts of the last. The only exception to this is the 1B% Indestructible Defense boost, which is the same throughout all 6 sets. Stronger sets may be distinguished by their more decorative look, however, Exalted and Divine have the same look as Supreme but use different backgrounds.


  • 5T% Overpowered Attack, 20T% Troop Attack
  • 50M% Corrosive Attack, 50M% Armor Piercing
  • 1B% Indestructible Defense, 100M% Troop Defense
  • 100T% Rally/CP Health, 20T% Mobile Trap Health

grand-warlord-maskGrand Warlord

  • 10T% Overpowered Attack, 40T% Troop Attack
  • 100M% Corrosive Attack, 100M% Armor Piercing
  • 1B% Indestructible Defense, 200M% Troop Defense
  • 200T% Rally/CP Health, 40T% Mobile Trap Health

ultimate-grand-warlord-maskUltimate Grand Warlord

  • 15T% Overpowered Attack, 60T% Troop Attack
  • 150M% Corrosive Attack, 150M% Armor Piercing
  • 1B% Indestructible Defense, 300M% Troop Defense
  • 300T% Rally/CP Health, 60T% Mobile Trap Health

supreme-warlord-gearSupreme Warlord

  • 25T% Overpowered Attack, 100T% Troop Attack
  • 250M% Corrosive Attack, 250M% Armor Piercing
  • 1B% Indestructible Defense, 500M% Troop Defense
  • 500T% Rally/CP Health, 100T% Mobile Trap Health

exalted-warlord-gearExalted Warlord

  • ~37.5T% Overpowered Attack, ~150T% Troop Attack
  • 374.7M% Corrosive Attack, 374.7M% Armor Piercing
  • 1B% Indestructible Defense, 747M% Troop Defense
  • ~747.4T% Rally/CP Health, ~150T% Mobile Trap Health

divine-warlord-gearDivine Warlord

  • 50T% Overpowered Attack, 200T% Troop Attack
  • 500M% Corrosive Attack, 500M% Armor Piercing
  • 1B% Indestructible Defense, 1B% Troop Defense
  • 1KT% (1,000T%) Rally/CP Health, 200T% Mobile Trap Health


Warlord Mystery Crate

Warlord Mystery Crates, like all other gear crates, offer Collectibles, Legendary Materials, Enhancing Materials, and Fully Crafted Gear (Grand, Ultimate Grand, and Supreme.) Exalted and Divine gear will need to be collected through PYOs or bought in Sales, which will most likely provide a number of Mystery Crates as well.


Level 20 Divine Conqueror Mods

Equip Level 20 Divine Conqueror Mods on all 7 pieces of Warlord Gear to add these additional boosts:

  • 5T% Troop Attack, 5T% Army Attack, 2.5T% Rally/CP Attack
  • 50M% Troop Armor Piercing
  • 50M% Army Defense, 1T% Combat Shielding
  • 10T% Rally/CP Health, 5T% Mobile Trap Health


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